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Psychic Photo Reading

Cost Per Reading: $24.97

Psychic Photo Reading starting at $24.97 – Includes 2 questions per reading

  1. Special Internet -Reading Price
  2. I’m located in Washington, DC, USA


  1. PSYCHIC PHOTO READINGS : The  reading is for up to two people. Please include a picture that includes face shot of the person you are wanting a reading for.  For clarity, the name and birth date of the person(s). The birth date is optional, but I will need the fist and last name and be able to see the face clearly, no sunglasses or obstructed eyes. The clearer the picture- the better. It aids in the reading being better. There may be one or more pictures of the same person. Due to the high volume of readings, the average turn around time is 24 hours from acknowledgement. The readings are done in the order they are received. I will do my best :)
  2. Special Internet -Reading Price and I’m located in Washington, DC, USA, (GMT – 4:00)
  3. Cost: $24.97 and two free questions. This price is only offered over the Internet.
  4. INCLUDE: Please include the full name, birth date and two questions for your reading.
  5. Attach Picture in EMAIL it  to   and include your     2 questions.  
  6. PICTURE QUALITY: It is best to include a clear picture of the persons face. It is also best to send as an attachment, so that picture will not be distorted and be an incomplete psychic photo reading.
  7. PAYMENT IS MADE THROUGH PAYPAYL . Once I receive your paid order confirmation and your picture, they will be processed in the order they are received.  I process them in the order I receive them. 
  8. **Due to time constraints, time zones and demand, I do my best to process each reading as fast as I can, to the best of my ability.
  9.  If there are any additional questions I may have, I will do my best to resolve them ASAP.  You do not need to sign up for PayPal if you don’t have an account. It will still process credit card orders.


  1. PHONE READINGS AND IN PERSON READGINS: I offer those in 30 and 70 minute time frames.  So, if you’d like a more  ‘one on one’ via the Internet conference call, Skype or by phone. We can share a more intimate session with your guides and direct access for personal questions. More information below.


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The readings are more than you could ever expect.  Guides are here to help us and I convey their message to the questions you ask. I love being able to assist those that seek guidance through my services.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

I am an honest person with an honest gift. I feel that there is an alignment with spirit and with your reading. I offer an honest approach in the service I provide. I am humbly honored in providing assistance. I offer spiritual guidance. If I feel the person being read is too negative or extremely violent, I refuse the right to perform a psychic photo reading and will refund your payment. In agreeing with the purchase you agree to the terms and conditions and legal clause below.  Love Jali

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Phone Readings or In Person Readings 


Psychic Phone Readings

Psychic Phone Readings: Want to communicate with a deceased loved one and say one more good-bye? Are you in a relationship and you want to understand them better because things aren’t what they useto be? Have a lot on your mind and heart? Relationship issues wearing you down? You need guidance only a trusting and empathetic Psychic can help you with? Lets take some time to really explore your concerns or maybe you want a reading to help enhance your love and sex life? Or you have more questions and want to talk in more detail and more interaction?  Not sure, well a reading will help with all those questions and offer personal insight to your situation! Want to talk about it? You can have a wonderful experience on the phone with me and your guides. Click here to arrange a 30 min reading by phone or in person must be paid for in advance (DC/MD/VA):

30 Minute 

 COST: $60 

 30 Minute Psychic Phone Reading  **********************************************************************************************************

Click Here for a 70 minute reading by phone or in person (DC/MD/VA).  Let’s talk it out, like old friends do and get to your solution! Also Guaranteed! Readings must be paid in advance.

70 Minutes

 COST: $125

70 Minute Psychic Phone Reading
Legal Clause:  By law this is for entertainment purposes. In agreement with this service, I offer a money back guarantee. Readings are for entertainment purposes, they are presented as guidance and insight.  They may or may not seem acceptable to the client.  Please be advised that in acknowledging a reading, you accept that this is is for entertainment purposes and use your own mind and opinion on how it is used.  All rude comments will not be considered.  All photos are deleted after reading and not kept for any reason whatsoever. 
I reserve the right to refuse a reading and refund money if necessary based on teh refusal.  Any and all discussions are kept private and remain confidential between all parties involved and consenting to said transaction. You are agreeing that you are over age 18 when you’re payment has been processed and agreeing you are of legal age to receive the reading.  Testimonials may or may not be used as testimonial of a reading, please be advised.  In purchasing a reading or class you are acknowledging and accept the terms and conditions of this service and Psychic Photo Reading, et.all and all parties connected to this legal entity are not responsible for damages to persons receiving readings or classes. 
Missed classes by students are considered for makeups, certain restrictions apply and refunds for missed classes by students will not be offered.  Should the class be cancelled all  will be notified and all possibilities will be presented for makeup. There is a 24hr cancellation policy, via email or voice confirmation for classes and readings that are provided over the phone. Therefore, no refunds will be given without written or verbal agreement of cancellation from Advisor/participant of classes or phone sessions without confirmation of cancellation of all prepaid services.  All parties not yielding to this notice, will not be eligible for refunds. 
Personal assurance: From the bottom of my heart and soul, I am who I say I am and able to do what I say I can do. Please understand, that the guidance is guidance and you may or may not like the answers, as I do not edit what is being foretold by spirit.  Therefore, is you are inclined to have issue on a reading, it’s between you and yours.