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A picture can tell a story, a psychic photo reading, can tell you more!

Instructions: Send in a Picture, with a clear shot of eyes, with your name and birthdate.  Without this, it will hold up your reading. Please include name and birth date of the person being read to , pay above,and  get a reading for up to two people that includes two questions per reading.  You can add more questions to your reading Just ask your two questions and I will tell you what’s going on From a Picture ! Incredible right?!

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Dear Friend,

Life is too short to stay unhappy!  Getting a psychic reading helps clear things up, almost immediately.  Get the answers that escape you and get back on track with your Soul’s Solution to HAPPINESS!  I’ve been doing readings for over 20 years and I love being able to assist others in their journey.   My psychic readings also provide insight into your Akashic Records, Angel Readings to communicate with your guidesI don’t use tools with my readings, as I have the ability to directly call upon Angels, spirit guides and the dearly departed. By providing your name, date of birth and a question, I’m able to channel information and remove any energetic clutter surrounding people and/or situations in your life.  I’d be honored to assist in your journey. 

Being able to do psychic readings, relationship readings, psychic medium readings, relationship readings are all wonderful gifts I love to share with people.  How about the people who WISHED they had gotten a reading…ONLY before they went on that first date. 

Or the woman, who showed me a picture of her future husband, didn’t listen to the reading and now she’s in divorce court? She wished she had listened to the reading!  Or the woman who had a “suspicion” her man was cheating, only to find him in bed with another man!   I know…crazy right!  

PEOPLE, I don’t make this up!  These are real stories.  Or the man who thought his sister would change, only to find out he would be bailing her out of jail on and off, for the next 7 years, living in his car and drunk all the time..INSIGHT IS POWERFUL! Get a psychic photo reading by email.  I wanted to make these readings affordable because good psychic advise should not cost you a lot!  Times are tough, I get it. 

Would you feel more comfortable in your relationship if you knew he or she was the one?   Or if you are in a relationship and you’re not happy find out why so you can get out!  Don’t feel you are cheating fate, Psychic Background checks help!  Better to be safe, than sorry. 

I am blessed with a gift and am honored to assist you …and I am a real person! I’ll offer insight, help you gain vision in your life so that you make the changes or actions that result in your success… faster than ever before.   Real people, real solutions…I provide soul solutions…………….. HOWEVER…don’t get mad at the words that are being transmitted if they don’t make sense.  I type what is being said, through my work with my guides.  Please consider, that it may not mean anything to you know, but it will make sense.  I don’t know how many times, people have told me they didn’t like my reading, they thought I was WRONG and a month or two later…they apologize. 

“Hey Jali, Thanks for checking on me.  I’m really mad a you right now simply because you were right.  I just don’ t like this right. You said, I see you moving away in August. I am moving to DC this weekend.  It will be a temporary move, about 3 months.    Thanks for the heads up but I was hoping for another outcome. I’m still with my husband although I asked him to leave.  We will see how that works out.  We are moving forward with an attempt to get this business.  We will see how that works out. My life is stressful and will continue to be for a while.  I think about you almost daily because you are sooooo right. “  Nikki H.

So, what are you waiting for get one now! 

I truly want to thank you for stopping by and if I can help answer your burning questions or help you with your future, I’d love to be of service. I’m honored to be there for you.

Thanks and light, Jali

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Jali Wright Psychic Medium Testimonial


Hi Jali…Oh, Jali! I don’t know what to say. This is most certainly the most gorgeous gift I’ve ever received online, that’s for sure! Thank you so much. What you said is ALL true and a great reminder. I recently hired a personal trainer and I’m glad I did. My heart (physically and spiritually) was hurting and the renewed self-care and self-love has helped me initiate a full healing process. A HUGE idea is unfolding and I am going to make it happen in 2010. It’s truly massive, worldwide and life changing. I can’t wait! It will be ubiquitous!  

How can I support you? I would very much like to recommend your services to others. Wow. At some point, I will book a full reading with you. So much love.  

Baeth Davis


I found Jali one day when i was feeling like a reading,I didn’t expect half of what I got,this lady is simply amazing,I feel blessed to have found her,I was so spun out that somebody could do this that I had her do 4 readings,the feeling you get when you read about yourself is one I cannot explain it’s like your higher self has come down to explain the confusion to you…Jali has to be a angel herself ..
Michelle …..Australia
Thankyou Jali


Thank you, Jali! 
I met him last April and it’s been exactly as you said – he comes in and out of my life, very elusive and hard to pin down.  He refuses to let me in and keeps me at arms length – more and more as time goes on. It’s very frustrating. I’ve known him this long but feel I don’t know much at all about him – I too get the sense he’s hiding something (everything!); he reveals nothing.  
Thank you for confirming what I know inside…that I need to cut the ties and move on completely. 
Good advice on letting go – I do get that – and going within.
You’re the best!!! Thanks again :)
Susan, Virginia
Thanks so much J! you pretty much summed up my life right now.  Yes as you can tell I’m in a little rut. I’m doing a adult apprenticeship in hairdressing, which I’m slowly losing faith in finishing, the pay is horrible so I’ve been job hunting. I love Curtis very very much but yeah…. Exactly what you said. A few months ago I found out some very bad things about him he doesn’t know I know. I don’t know if you picked up on any of it but it has shocked me. Completely blown me away….it’s changed my the way I look at him, future plans and everything really. bring on July I say!

J -you gave me a lot to think about here.  I know this urgency stems from fear of being broke & childless. Yes last year was THE worst year of my entire life that has left me picking up the pieces, still. But in my heart I know I will be okay because HE has always taken care of me. I am my worst enemy. I have to say that I am taking steps to make sure I’m on the right path & letting things flow. I’m such a control freak, now, because of past experiences. Once again I do thank you for your help in guiding me to really understand where I need to be in order to get where I need to be. J you are an sent from an angel.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Xoxo R., Arizona

P.s. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family 


I found Jali one day when i was feeling like a reading,I didn’t expect half of what I got,this lady is simply amazing,I feel blessed to have found her,I was so spun out that somebody could do this that I had her do 4 readings,the feeling you get when you read about yourself is one I cannot explain it’s like your higher self has come down to explain the confusion to you…Jali has to be a angel herself ..
Michelle …..Australia
Thankyou Jali


Thank you Jali. I appreciate your time spent with this and am taking it all in!  This is a very accurate reading of him now as music is #1 and he has a gift for it, and he does enjoy lacrosse, but he has demonstrated a love of Science and DEFINITELY a love of discovery. He is relentless until he finds what he is ‘seeing’ in his minds eye.  Thank you again.
Love and Light, Michelle



Thank You so much for the reading. I know I must have faith. The entanglement you speak of is that my partner has a wife of 52 years. Although he does not love her at all he cannot leave her as he feels it would destroy her and the family. I understand and agree this is for the best. But  we still believe hope and pray that we will be bought together. You say we will so we will believe you are right. Just hop not too long. Our dream is to spend our old age together and share our love. Thank you. Monica


Yes, you have read for me before with this same dude as the subject too. I just wanted to know if I should just ‘get over it already!!’ or if he still has feelings for me. Please just let ‘er rip with no holds barred on this one as I know is your style!! You are so awesome!! Thank you once again, Jali! You are indeed INspirational!! Your Friend, Caren <3

British Columbia, Canada


Hi Jali,

Your reading is right on the money.  After I sent my request to you yesterday, I took a break from my work and went up to our apartment and watched an independent feature film called “Nativity.”  I am a member and subscriber to “Spiritual Cinema” and receive short films and full length feature films once per month.  Anyway, I was so moved by this movie and remembered a time when I directed a children’s play (Best Christmas Pageant Ever) a long, long time ago, a time that I remember as being the MOST fulfilled, a time when my heart just soared.  After the movie, I thought, “Now how can I make this happen for me again?  I’m an old actor/director and love working with children.

My husband and I own and operate a small hotel and restaurant in a small fishing village in the country of Mexico.  It’s very remote and we cater to fly fishermen and divers.  There really isn’t an outlet here for returning to the arts.  But, in my world, nothing is impossible, so I will just have to open up to allow this to happen.  The wheels are already turning.

Thanks so much for your reading.  It’s a confirmation to me…..something that I’ve longed for these last 7 years since moving to Mexico.  You are so right on about being bored, too.  We’ve been in the lodging/restaurant business for 30 years but most of that time was spent in Texas in a very active visual and performing arts community and we were quite active.  I felt “called” to be here in Mexico but I think THAT purpose has been fulfilled now, having helped to bring a substantial amount of “commerce” to a very poor village.  Time to hand the baton to someone else, sell, and move on to what you described, something more in line with my artistic Spirit.

Thanks so much for the nudge.  Your reading was right on.

Feel free to share this on your website, if you like
Many Blessings,

Warmest Regards,
Kim & David Calkins
Hotel Tierra Maya

Xcalak, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Thank you so much. I really needed that. So much has happened in the past week. Thank you so very much. Quick question. Where did you get that first part from. It seems very personal. I have recently lost someone and it just caught me like a loving hug with understanding mixed in :) The rest (guidance section) was amazing and really described what I am doing and what I need to do for my body/spirit. Thank you so so much.

Ginny, 2012


Thanks a lot for the insightful reading Jali. You’re correct when you said that there’s a side of me that wants to get into arts, because I also have a side hobby of performing magic tricks, and I’m just wondering if there is any chance I can be successful in that field. Thank you.Best Regards,

Hi Jali,

First let me say THANK YOU for the amazing reading!  Not only were you accurate and knew things that no one else (except my guides!) would know, but you answered so many questions and erased all doubts I had about myself and the direction I should take.  This reading was truly life changing for me!  I am TRULY HAPPY and have much needed clarity for the first time, in a long time.  You also have an amazing energy about you and would recommend that everyone hug you at least once in their life!!  I will gladly refer any and everyone to you!

Again, Thank you so much (and thank you to my Guides)!
Alison M, Lawrenceville, GA

Hi Jali,

Thank you so much for that reading. It has helped me tremendously as now l have peace in my heart and just feel love for my mum. I’m really so very grateful to you.
Lara, UK

Thank you.. you could not more correct.

I have had been told by many to begin with being myself . I am always there for others, and have allowed my own personality to almost disappear.
I will work hard on regaining love & caring for myself.
Jan, OH

Thanks! I will be back. Being a Psychic myself, it is hard to find anyone who can read me accurately. You were very accurate with the first reading, and verify what I have been getting in this one. I will definitely be back in touch when I feel stuck again.CM  3/2011


Sorry it took so long to reply!!
But what you said is literally dead on… I’m currently doing WAY too many things, and it’s starting to get a little crazy… And you don’t even know how many free services I’ve given away…
I will definitely be taking your advice!
Commonwealth Broadcasting
Y106.9 | Oldies 97.7
ESPN Radio AM 1310 WTTL

thank you!!! i never expected something so elaborate in detail. I may have to come to you in the future for readings.  here’s hoping i meet him.

That’s unreal. I’ve always had a strong passion for ancient Greece, especially under the ruling of Julius Caesar. I’ve only been on a plane a few times and have seemingly never had a problem with flying, but like you said there may be more underlying to it. I will definitely begin meditating tonight! Thanks for everything, seriously! I’m in a spot in my life, like most of your clients, in which I feel like I’m not seeing the entire picture. But I am not necessarily looking for the right answers, but rather the right questions.

Thank you!!!!!
Commonwealth Broadcasting
Y106.9 | Oldies 97.7
ESPN Radio AM 1310 WTTL
Jali showed me how to feel more centered and how to connect with my inner energy.  Because of her wise and amazing gift as a channeller, I am able to focus on things that are important and more meaningful in my life. And use that energy to help myself and others. Thank you for enlightening me and helping me to look outside of the picture frame.

Mahovlic Andrea
British Columbia, Canada
Jali……really thank you………………helps me more than you can imagine, all those emotion was always present in me, you just help me to put together and have a better point of view…..

Love, blessings and best wishes
Norma, Trieste, Italy


Jali’s talent for channeling and interfacing with spirits supports her in guiding all those who seek out her insigJali, thank you very much for the reading! Very accurate spot on I found you on Google, I noticed a lot of times that photo readings always are pretty spot on thank you for that! have a good day …ljubica v., Australia

These  readings are AWESOME! 

She is known for her charismatic energy, and amazingly fast and accurate readings!

Her client list includes celebrities, millionaires, executives and everyone in between.  Within the medium community, she’s the ‘psychics’-psychic’-the person other psychics go to for advice.A quick question at a great price!  What are you waiting for? If you aren’t completely satisfied I will give you your money back- guaranteed.  I look forward to helping you.






PS.:  Send a picture of the person – a clear picture of their face is best.  You geta reading and one free question so…don’t forget to ask your question. If you’re not 100% satisfied I’ll personally give you-your money back!   

PPS. : I am sure you will be satisfied with the reading and I back my reputation on it!  It’s a minimal cost for amazing insight! What are you waiting for, go ahead send in a picture and get your answers.

 Psychic Medium Jali Wright

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